iWeb ’09 Publishing to MobileMe == Fail

I was really, really excited to try out iLife’09, the successor to the really nice iLife ’08 suite. I run with iWebpublishing to MobileMebecause hey, that’s what that kind of thing is made for. You can imagine my dismay and disappointment when I discovered that some kind of problem is preventing my site from publishing to MobileMe successfully. I even filed a bug on it. Lots of posts in the forums about it too, but I don’t see the major Mac blogstaking up the yokeof pressing the issue with Apple.

Macworld 2009 Thoughts, Impressions, Wrapup

Rather than spend an inordinate amount of time trying to pump out information about Macworld 2009, I thought it would be more appropriate to soak in the entire show and let my brain stew on it a little bit. I twittered the keynote quite a bit, so that was me trying to play journalist. For the rest of the week, I intended to take part in the show and ignore the fact that I was collected information to share.