Quick Apple Mail Fix for HTML font size

Hi, just dropping in from raiding the lands of healthy heroes and creamy young virgins to let you in on a quick Apple Mail tip. Do you use Apple Mail in an environment with Outlook? In particular, do those Outlook users prefer HTML mail? Do you receive mail from them with a microscopic font size? Thanks to the tip I found here you can correct this issue. Close down Apple Mail (command-Q) Open the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) Type the following command: “defaults write com.

60 more days of MobileMe for free

The net is abuzz tonight as MobileMeusers recieve more notices that MobileMe still isn’t what Applehad hoped it would be, so it’s offering 60 days more for free. Paul Thurrott has already played the part of the cynic and provided a rather insightful metaphor, but I’m going to come down on the positive side and say that MobileMe has been a wonderful experience for me. Not only has it been wonderful, it’s turned my iPhoneinto something I can only describe as a thing of glory.