Twittering the Macworld Keynote

For those of you who are interested in the Macworldkeynotethat will be occurring tomorrow… I have a guaranteed seat to attend and am planning to Twitterthe presentation as it occurs. I said planning. That does not include getting busted by any Appleemployees or whatnot. If you want to follow my Twitter feed for tomorrow morning, my Twitter usernameis “Vermyndax.” (

A few random words

I’ve not had much in the way of time this month. I’ve not had much time to do much of anything productive, let alone write here. I’ve actually spent the few writing moments that I have had on some projects invisible to the casual Galaxycow reader. Perhaps, if luck shall have it, sometime next year you’ll see the fruits of that labor. Aside from that, it’s all been about the day joband the kids at night.

A Visit to Mission Control

If you were subscribed to my Twitter feed, you would have known in near real time that today I had one seriously exciting treat. I managed to squeeze my way into a tour group being led by the incredible Jack Garmanhere at Johnson Space Center. Think I would turn down such a chance? Absolutely not. Not only is Jack Garman a wonderful friend and professional mentor to me… today I learned much, much more about him… and I’m in simple awe.

The Blog Flock

I see it happen every day. There’s a cast of characters out there – Leo Laporte, Chris Pirillo, Jason Calacanis, John Dvorak, Robert Scoble (whom I absolutely DESPISE because of that “I’m the man!” snapshot on his blog… makes me want to beat him with his fucking tripod)… a whole elite clique of cynical blog/journalists who bring up topics and lead folks around them. The listeners (and I admit, I’m one of them) follow them from point A to point B every morning, midday and afternoon.